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Orlando: The City Beautiful.

27 Things You Need To Know About Living In Orlando. By Spencer McKee


1. There Will Always Be Someone Tanner Than You

Welcome to Orlando, where the sun never stops shining. If you’re one of those people that gets competitive when it comes to tanning, you’ll be out of luck here. You’re practically guaranteed to see someone with more leathery skin than you every time you step out your front door. 

2. Spoilers: There’s No Ocean Here

Despite the common assumption that everywhere in Florida is a beach town, Orlando is actually landlocked. If you come here looking for that beachfront property you’ve always dreamed of, you’re gonna have a bad time. 

3. But A Drive To The Beach Is Still Worth It

While there’s no ocean view actually in Orlando, there are fortunately tons of beaches within short driving distance making them perfect for a relaxing day trip. A couple of the closer options include Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach, each roughly an hour away. 

4. And You Can’t Forget About Lake Eola

The next best thing to having a beach, Orlando has one of the coolest downtown waterfront scenes in the country at Lake Eola. Providing awesome skyline views and recreation, this lake is a one-of-a-kind hotspot. 

5. Cold Weather = Anything Below 65

What people in Wisconsin consider a pleasant fall day is basically the equivalent of a winter tundra around here. Just hope there’s not a report that a few flurries might be on the way…that tends to cause major traffic jams and hysteria. It’s rare, but it’s happened before. 

6. Tourists…Tourists Everywhere

There’s a very good reason that Orlando has earned the nickname “Theme Park Capital of the World”…it’s home to pretty much any theme park that you’d actually want to go to. With big names like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Seaworld all nearby, Orlando continues to be one of the most visited cities in the country on an annual basis. 

7. But You’ll Dodge Most Of The Spring Breakers

While Orlando has to deal with their fair share of tourists, at least they’re not the drunk, nearly naked type. Thanks to the lack of beach, most college spring breakers skip this town for somewhere with a little more sand. 

8. Don’t Forget That Bug Spray

At times it can seem like the mosquito should be the official state bird of Florida. While these pesky biters aren’t quite as bad as they are in some other areas of the state, they’re still quite the nuisance in Orlando during most of the year. 

9. Orlando Is Pretty Magical 

Celebrating its fifth year, it’s hard to find a better place to get lost in a world of fantasy than at Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Featuring elaborate decorations, characters, and rides all with a theme based on the show, this theme park can’t be missed. 

10. Even The Basketball Team Has A Little Magic 

Harry Potter isn’t the only magical thing in Orlando. This city is also home to the Orlando Magic, the ever-loved local NBA team. They might be going through some rough times in recent years, but there’s no doubt amongst the fans that their favorite blue and silver team will make it back on top. 

11. The Heat Are NOT “Florida’s Team” 

Take the exact opposite of how much the people in Orlando love the Magic and you’ve got a good idea about how they feel towards the Miami Heat. While the Heat experienced several years of huge success recently, people in this town will still hate them. 

12. You’ll Need Flip Flops For Every Outfit

Whether you’re dressing up for a hot date or chilling at the lake all day, flip flops are the footwear of choice around these parts. Of course, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. It’s so stinkin’ beautiful here every single day. 

13. The Knights Are Wild Here

Unless someone’s from the area, they usually aren’t aware that Orlando is home to one of the largest and best universities in the state, University of Central Florida. With their golden armored mascot Knightro leading the charge, the 60,000 plus students here add a ton of energy to the local community. 

14. The Nights Can Get Pretty Crazy, Too

A city filled with beautiful weather and beautiful people, it’s not surprise that the nightclub scene is huge in this town. If you’re looking for a crazy night of drinks, dancing, and more drinks, Orlando is the perfect place to find it. 

15. Don’t Worry, It’s Not You - Driving Here Is Kind Of Awful

Rush hours around Orlando prove to be extremely time consuming on a regular basis. Even if you don’t consider yourself an angry driver, you’ll feel the hatred coursing through your veins the second you grip the wheel here. The bad traffic coupled with the constant presence of tourists and plenty of accidents can make the roads in this city basically unbearable. 

16. You Don’t Always Have To Avoid Those Scaly Guys

If you want to get an up-close look at Florida’s most iconic animal, there are plenty of safe ways to do so. One cool option is to check out Orlando’s Gatorland, where you’ll see gator wrestling, feeding, and more. 

17. And Don’t Ever Overlook Them If They’re On The Menu

When it comes to things that taste like chicken, alligator meat is one thing that actually tastes like chicken, especially when it’s deep fried. Perhaps a little chewier and slightly sweeter, one bite will make it easy to understand why this protein is so popular in Orlando. 

18. Pirates Still Roam These Streets

While there aren’t pirates robbing people in the streets around here anymore, the locals have embraced this aspect of Florida’s history. You’ll see tons of pirate themed things in Orlando like the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, set on a 46 long boat anchored in a 300,000 gallon lagoon. 

19. There Are No Puppies In Hushpuppies

A popular dish in the Sunshine State, hushpuppies consist of deep-fried cornmeal batter. Despite its name, this plate is totally safe for vegetarians. 

20. Have Fun Choosing A Favorite Football Team

At times Orlando can seem like it’s the only city in Florida without a professional football team. The people here are stuck choosing between three Florida rivals: the Miami Dolphins, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. You’ll see fan gear in every color, no matter how the teams are actually playing. 

21. This City Is Still Glowing With Boy Band Pride

With Backstreet Boys, NSync, and O-Town all originating in Orlando, the locals will still remind you that they were instrumental in defining the music of the 90s…despite the fact that it’s over 15 years later. 

22. Legoland Is Everything You Imagined

A place where both kids and adults can nerd out by playing with a classic childhood toy, Legoland Florida spans over 145 acres and is filled with Lego-themed rides, activities, and displays. One of the most unique theme parts in the work, a visit here is always worth it. 

23. Hope You Don’t Want A Basement

The water table in Orlando is too close to the surface to allow for the proper support to add a basement onto a house. You’ll occasionally find one here in a very special circumstances, but there’s a good chance you’ll have to find another way to add that extra square footage to your home. 

24. Golfing Is The Sport Of Choice Here

With roughly 1,500 golf courses scattered around the state of Florida, Orlando is no exception when it comes to hitting the greens. A regular weekend activity for tons of the local residents, you can never spend too much time practicing your golf swing. 

25. Orlando Is Experiencing A Huge Tech Boom

Tons of young professionals are moving to the area and they’re all bringing their computers with them. With new apps and tech startups popping up all the time, it’s not too surprising that Orlando has been recognized by Scientific America and Wired as one of the top towns for tech in the country. 

26. Eating Healthy Here Is A Cinch

With tons of all natural, vegetarian, and vegan restaurants and markets springing up all over Orlando in recent years, this is one of the healthiest places to eat in the country. For a taste of the freshest foods, check out a local farmers market. 

27. Orlando Is Full Of Pride

One of the “gayest cities in America” according to the Advocate, Orlando has a huge LGBT population and a culture that supports this. With tons of festivals and events that target this demographic, Orlando is one place where everyone just seems to gets along a little better.


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